NGC 7000

My first light with the Optolong L-Extreme filter did not disappoint, even with imperfect weather.

I am still shooting without a guide scope and with heavy winds I was limited to 60 second exposures. Not exactly what you want with the most narrow of narrowband filters.

I was on target for just over 3 hours and after blinking through and removing anything the wind ruined I was left with 96 subs. Just 90 minutes of integration.

When I saw my first sub on the back of the camera I was shocked. The nebula jumped off the screen like I have never seen.

This was the best a project can be:

  • The best image I've produced so far
  • Many things to improve going forward

This filter is a game changer and I cannot wait to get my guide camera setup installed and go for some ultra long exposures.

Object: NGC7000 - The North America Nebula

Exposure: 96x60sec (96 minutes, Bias/Dark/Flat calibration)

Bortle Scale: 4 - Estes Park, Colorado

Optics: William Optics Red Cat 51

Camera: Canon EOS Ra

Filters: Optolong L-eXtreme

software: PixInsight

NGC7000 - The North America Nebula